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European Travels

Art has been the motivating force for several art trips I have led through Europe. Having a common love of art has been a key to open doors regardless of one's painting abilities. In France we have stayed and worked in Matisse's house at Vence in France, visited Renoir and Monet's studios and gardens, and galleries featuring works of artists we can normally only view in books or on the net such as Chagall, Picasso, Michael Angelo and Leonardo da Vinci to name just a few of the more famous.

I love to sit in piazzas in Italy, sheltered from the sun under a shop awning, painting the view across the square of facades, arches, cobbled streets leading to hills fading in the distance. Nearby there'll normally be a cafe open and a waiter willing to bring refreshments during the siesta period. "Mad dogs and Kiwis"!