Life can be grand, beautiful, happy, funny and sentimental. If I can capture some of these feelings in a work of art, I feel satisfied. I guess that is why many of my works feature animals, people and places I have a special affection for.
Art has always been part of what I do and love. One of my earliest memories is of my mother drawing pictures in the butter on my bread, windmills, flowers, sunshine. Those images stay with me, finding their way into my paintings and into my decorations on tiles and pottery.

Over the years I have had the privilege of painting with some great artists including David Blair of Tauranga, Shirley Sutton of Wellington, Ann Lawrence of Waikanae, Tui McLauchlan now watching over us, Herman Pekell of Australia, Alvaro Castagnet of Australia and Randall Froude of Fairlie.

I am a member and exhibitor at the Academy of Fine Arts NZ, Watercolour NZ, the Wellington Art Club and the Kapiti Arts and Crafts Society. My works have travelled the world and found homes in the UK, Europe and Japan.

In 2008 I won a painting prize in Norther Italy, in 2009 the Cityscape Award at the Paraparaumu Rotary Art Show and in 2010 the Chroma scholarship to the Mitchell Art School at Bathurst University in Australia.